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Used Cars in Singapore
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Used Cars in Singapore

We are an established used cars dealer in Singapore. We have a wide range of brands and models of used cars available for your test drive. We stock different brands - Mazda, Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, Volkswagen and others. All our vehicles are in excellent condition and roadworthy. Visit our showroom and let our car dealers help you decide the car that best meets your needs. Browse cars by shape, style, make or price to determine which make and model may match you. To get an estimate of the model’s present-day market price, check out used vehicle ads online or inside your local newspaper. Our cars for sale in Singapore come with a warranty period for service, parts replacement and maintenance. Our second hand cars are reasonably priced. We can help you obtain financing for your car purchase at low interest rates and insurance at competitive quotes. All our used cars in Singapore are reliable, sturdy and maintained for you to drive away immediately. Visit our showroom for a test drive of these used cars in Singapore to experience the exhilarating impact of their luxury, comfort, speed and design.

How To Buy Used Cars in Singapore

TIP ! Never ... and we mean never ... give or send a seller money without seeing the car, or without getting a receipt with all the details.

Work out how much you can afford to pay for the used car and do not forget to include registration, insurance policies and typical servicing and operating costs. Examine the used vehicle yourself, and best of all, have an independent mechanic or automotive centre check it out properly on the hoist. It could save you thousands by revealing mechanical issues and former damage. Check with the seller what their very best price is, make a lower offer then say absolutely nothing. They may just accept your offer for the car. Before making a downpayment, go for a test drive to confirm that the car's mechanicals and electricals are in good condition.

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